Antifouling An Aluminium Boat

Antifouling An Aluminium Boat

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Antifouling Paint For Aluminium Boats

Antifouling a boat with an aluminium hull follows the same process that you would follow when antifouling any other hull.

When antifouling aluminium boats, you should select a product that does not contain cuprous oxide biocide as the high copper content will cause corrosion issues. Antifouling paints like Seajet Emperor and International Cruiser 200 are suitable for aluminium hulls due to the lack of cuprous oxide biocide.

On the other hand, some antifoul paints like Hempel Broads and Seajet Coastal can actually cause corrosion if applied to an aluminium hull and so must be avoided.. 

If you are unsure if your antifouling is suitable for an aluminium hull, the information will be clearly displayed either on the tin, or in the description of the product online. You can also always ask a member of our expert team!

Antifouling Aluminium Boats

Now you have found the right paint, it is time for application. The process of applying aluminium antifouling is the same as any other antifouling.

We’ve written an in-depth guide into the antifoul application process, but here’s a quick overview:

  1. Ensure you have the rightsafety equipment (eye protection, nitrile gloves, mask, and overalls)
  2. Make sure you are following any local regulations that may apply to the space you are working in.
  3. Pressure wash your hull thoroughly, removing any grime, loose barnacles, etc. If there is a build up of old antifouling, remove this too by blasting the hull or using an antifouling stripper.
  4.  Mask up any areas you do not want to paint usingmasking tape.
  5. Inspect the hull thoroughly for any areas of damage, including peeling and separation. If there is any damage, then filling and fairing may be necessary.
  6. Coat the hull using anantifoul primer. This is a must for bare surfaces and will also help the antifoul paint stick to the hull. It is also worth checking that the primer you are using is compatible with aluminium hulls.
  7. Mix the antifouling thoroughly with a stirring stick as many ingredients can sink to the bottom whilst the tin has been on the shelf, then apply the recommended number of coats to achieve the required level of thickness.

Best Antifouling Paint For Aluminium Boats

This is a question we’re asked a lot at our Rochester store. The truth is, there is no definitive answer as different antifouling paints perform better in different waters where fouling conditions are different.

Our most popular antifouling paint for aluminium hulls is Seajet 034 Emperor

This strong antifouling is perfect for high areas of fouling thanks to advanced biocides that put up a fight against the fouling, whilst maintaining excellent performance. The Seajet antifouling also has quick drying properties, so (temperature dependent) you can have your boat back in the water within just 24 hours.

About Pirates Cave Chandlery

We're dedicated marine specialists with countless years of experience. Over the years, our expert team has constantly refined the superb range of antifouling and primers we offer, ensuring we only stock the best paints from leading brands including Hempel,  International and Seajet.

If you have any questions about antifouling, primers or any of the 15,000 other products we have available, we’d love to help. You can call us on 01634 295 233, email us or visit our Rochester store


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