Raymarine Fishfinders


Fishfinders are electronic devices used to locate and track fish underwater. They utilize sonar technology to detect and display information about the presence and location of fish, as well as underwater structures, contours, and other features that can affect fishing success.

Here are some key aspects of fishfinders:

Sonar Technology:
Fishfinders use sonar (Sound Navigation and Ranging) technology to send sound waves into the water and interpret the returning echoes. The device emits a sound wave, which travels through the water and bounces off objects, including fish and the bottom of the water body. The fishfinder then receives the echo signals and converts them into visual representations on the display.

Fishfinders typically feature a display screen that shows the information gathered by the sonar. The display can vary in size and resolution, with colour displays being more common nowadays. The screen shows a real-time view of the underwater area being scanned, allowing users to see fish arches, structure, and other objects.

The transducer is a critical component of a fishfinder system. It is mounted on the boat's hull, transom, or trolling motor and sends the sonar signal into the water. The boat transducer also receives the returning echoes and sends them back to the fishfinder for processing. Different transducer types are available, including single-frequency and dual-frequency transducers, which determine the depth range and detail of the sonar image.

Fish Identification and Targeting:
Fishfinders can analyse the sonar echoes and provide fish identification features. This includes distinguishing fish from other objects and indicating their size or species. Some advanced fishfinders incorporate advanced signal processing algorithms to enhance the visibility and separation of fish targets from the background clutter.

Depth and Bottom Contour:
Fishfinders display the water depth, allowing anglers to know the depth at which fish are located. They can also show the contour of the bottom, which helps identify drop-offs, ledges, underwater structures, and vegetation. Understanding the underwater terrain is crucial for locating fish-holding areas.

GPS Integration:
Many modern fishfinders offer GPS (Global Positioning System) integration. This allows users to mark waypoints, track their routes, and navigate with precision. GPS-enabled fishfinders can display charts, maps, and provide valuable information like boat speed, course over ground, and distance to waypoints.

Additional Features:
Fishfinders often come with additional features to enhance their functionality. These may include temperature sensors to measure water temperature, speed sensors to calculate boat speed, and networking capabilities to connect multiple displays or share data with other marine electronics on the boat.

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