Tricolour Navigation Lights

Tricolour Navigation Lights

Tricolour navigation lights, also known as tricolour lights or combination lights, are a versatile and space-saving lighting solution commonly used on sailboats and other smaller vessels. These navigation lights are designed to fulfil the functions of three separate navigation lights— masthead navigation lights, port navigation lights, and starboard navigation lights — by combining them into a single fixture. This innovation allows sailboats to maintain visibility and adherence to international maritime regulations while conserving space and minimizing the complexity of their lighting systems.

The tricolour navigation light consists of a single light fixture mounted at the top of the mast or a suitable elevated position on the vessel. It emits three different colours - white, red, and green; depending on the vessel's orientation and status. When observed from a distance or by other vessels, the tricolour light conveys essential navigational information.

White Light:
The white light, visible over 225 degrees, functions similarly to a masthead navigation light. It indicates the vessel's presence and general heading when viewed from the front. This aspect is especially important for indicating the direction of an approaching vessel.

Red and Green Light:
The tricolour light is designed to emit a combination of red and green light over 112.5 degrees on each side, covering the port and starboard sides of the vessel. This satisfies the requirements of sidelights, helping other mariners determine the vessel's direction and orientation.

Tricolour navigation lights are particularly advantageous for sailboats due to their compact and streamlined design. Sailboats often have limited space at the top of the mast for mounting multiple individual lights. By using a single tricolour light, sailboat owners can meet the regulatory lighting requirements while maintaining a clean and uncluttered masthead. This design choice also reduces potential interference with sail handling and rigging.

While tricolour navigation lights offer convenience and space-saving benefits, it's important to note that they are not suitable for all types of vessels or all navigation scenarios. Large vessels with multiple levels or commercial vessels typically require separate masthead, sidelight, and stern lights to fulfil the necessary visibility and signalling requirements. However, for sailboats and smaller vessels operating within the appropriate size and visibility limitations, tricolour navigation lights provide an efficient and effective solution for maintaining safety and compliance while navigating the open waters.

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