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The purpose of antifouling boat paint is to protect your boat from the organisms living in the water. Coating the hull of your boat with antifoul paint protects it from barnacles, algae and other marine organisms. 

Fouling can leave your boat looking unsightly, and can cause more damage to your boat than you may know. It can cover your propellers, outdrives and block engine water inlets and outlets. Over time it may also ultimately damage the hull surface.

We provide Antifoul from all the major brands, including Seajet, Hempel and International.

Antifouling Boat Paint

Without a layer of antifoul paint on the bottom of your boat, your boat’s performance and efficiency can be hindered, resulting in lower top speeds and reduced fuel efficiency. Instead, algae and barnacles would be allowed free reign over the underside of the boat, causing much more harm than good. 

Boat antifouling releases bioactive ingredients. The bioactive materials contain cuprous oxide and organic biocides to further protect the hull of your boat as well as the mechanisms.

If applying antifouling paint to your boat either for the first time or as a fresh coat, it may be necessary to apply an antifoul primer to ensure the boat antifouling has a strong surface as a basecoat.

For more information on how to apply antifouling paint, take a look at our how to antifoul a boat guide today. Plus, take a look at our how often to apply antifoul guide if you’re looking at re-applying antifoul paint on your boat for the new season.

When applying antifoul to your boat, a good roller, set of brushes and masking tape are necessities for getting the job right. We have a great choice of brushes, rollers and tapes to make antifouling boat paint simple. 

Why Choose Pirates Cave Chandlery? 

Pirates Cave Chandlery are experts in marine maintenance and have been providing antifouling paint to boat owners across the UK for over 25 years. We are passionate about the marine products we supply, and we therefore only offer products that are tried and tested, that we would apply to our own boats.

With the vast array of antifouling boat paint on offer including hard antifouling and self polishing antifouling, if you aren’t sure which antifoul is right for your vessel, get in touch with our friendly customer support team who will be glad to help make a suggestion. 

We’re not just online either, in fact we have one of the largest brick and mortar chandleries in the UK. If you’re local, why not come and visit our store? Or, for quick advice, give us a call on 01634 295 233 where we’ll be more than happy to help!



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