Life Rafts

Life Rafts

Life Rafts

Life rafts are essential for any ocean or sea-going boat. We hope that you never need to use a life raft, but if you do, our excellent selection of emergency life rafts will help to keep you as safe as possible should your boat become unsafe to occupy.

Unlike lifeboats, which are rigid and much larger, life rafts are inflatable and are designed to withstand conditions at sea and protect your crew from the elements and potential hypothermia. Often they will feature a canopy to provide shelter to your crew as well as potentially life saving features such as exterior strobe lights to attract attention, rain water collectors and thermally insulated floors. 

The type of boating that you typically do will dictate the ideal life raft for your boat. 

Life Rafts for Sale

At Pirates Cave Chandlery, we offer a range of affordable life rafts for sale from leading safety brands including Seago, Ocean Safety, Crewsaver and Viking - providing you with peace of mind, whether you are sailing in coastal areas or venturing further afield. 

Ensuring that you buy a life raft that is suited to your type of boating is crucial.

Offshore or ocean life rafts are specifically designed to withstand colder temperatures and feature more insulation, including insulated flooring and more on-board equipment. Ocean life rafts are usually suitable if looking for a life raft between a size of 4 man and 10 man capacity.

Coastal life rafts are designed for fishermen and are suitable as a casual day sailing life raft, and are often only needed for a short period of time. These life rafts vary in size from 4 man, 6 man, 8 man and even ten. These life rafts do have less on-board equipment and often less insulation.

It is vital that you purchase the right size life raft as each size will contain different amounts of equipment that will increase your chances of survival. For example, if you have a regular group of four people who venture out on your boat, but you ocassionally take an extra friend, you may buy a four person life raft to cut costs. Don't. Purchase a six person life raft (or in other cases, the size above). Life rafts are not the most spacious of places to be, so the last thing you will want is to have five people crammed in a four man life raft.

Why Choose Pirates Cave Chandlery?

We're leading experts in marine equipment and safety, with one of the largest chandleries in the UK. Providing unbiased, expert guidance to help you find the right marine products to keep you safe on the water for over 25 years. 

If you are new to life rafts, you could easily be mistaken in thinking that many life rafts look the same. Each life raft offers unique safety features to accommodate everyone onboard and are designed for different types of boating including marine life rafts, ocean life rafts, sailing life rafts and offshore life rafts.

Our team has a wealth of experience in all areas of marine safety, and would be happy to help you understand the unique features of our life rafts to find and buy a life raft that is best suited to your boating activities. Either get in touch with us online, or give us a call on 01634 295 233  and we'll be happy to assist.

Additionally, to keep everyone onboard safe view our full range of safety equipment includinglife jackets, distress flares, buoyancy aids for adults and buoyancy aids children, and other man overboard safety essentials

All of our marine safety products are sourced from leading marine safety brands to ensure your equipment is of the highest quality. 



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