Inflatable Dinghy & Mariner Engine Packages

Inflatable Dinghy & Mariner Engine Packages

While inflatable dinghies provide the foundation for your waterborne adventures, the addition of a Mariner outboard engine will take your experience to a whole new level. Mariner outboard motors are incredibly clean and efficient, plus have enough torque to get you zipping around on your inflatable dinghy. The 3.5hp Short Shaft Outboard Engine used in our packages is one of the lightest outboards in its class and is packed with excellent features including a convenient multifunction tiller handle, automatic reverse hooks and 360 degree steering.

Mariner engines provide excellent fuel efficiency, allowing you to enjoy longer trips without the need for frequent refuelling. Additionally, petrol outboards offer impressive speed and manoeuvrability, enabling you to navigate through different water conditions effortlessly.

Combining an inflatable dinghy with a petrol outboard engine creates a dynamic and powerful package that opens up endless possibilities on the water. This partnership allows you to explore new fishing spots, reach remote islands, access secluded coves, and enjoy water sports activities with unmatched convenience and freedom.

Moreover, inflatable dinghies and petrol outboard packages are an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable alternative to traditional boats. They provide the same level of enjoyment and functionality without the high costs associated with owning and maintaining a larger vessel. In addition, their portability allows you to avoid storage fees, launch your dinghy from various locations, and explore different water bodies at your leisure.

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We also supply Inflatable Dinghy & Mariner Engine Packages if you're looking to purchase an inflatable dinghy with an electric outboard motor.



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