All Round Navigation Lights

Anchor Navigation Light

Anchor navigation lights, also known as anchor lights, are an essential component of a vessel's lighting system designed to enhance maritime safety during periods of rest or anchorage. These all round lights are required by international maritime regulations to indicate a vessel's stationary status and prevent collisions with other vessels during times of limited visibility, such as at night or in adverse weather conditions.

The anchor light is a white light displayed at the highest point of the vessel, often atop the mast. It provides an unobstructed and easily identifiable signal to other vessels that the vessel is at anchor and not underway. This light is different from the vessel's masthead light or all-round light, which is used when the vessel is moving. The purpose of the anchor light is to help nearby vessels detect and navigate around anchored vessels, maintaining a safe distance and preventing accidental collisions.

According to COLREGs, anchor lights should be displayed in addition to other navigation lights that might be required while the vessel is underway. These lights work in tandem with other lighting signals, such as sidelights and stern navigation lights, to convey a comprehensive message about a vessel's status and intentions. It's important to note that the anchor light should have a distinctive and unique appearance that is distinguishable from other navigation lights to avoid confusion.

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Anchor lights are particularly important in busy anchorages, harbours, and waterways, where vessels of various sizes and types may be anchoring in close proximity to one another. By adhering to the regulations and displaying an anchor light when at rest, mariners contribute to the overall safety and orderliness of maritime traffic, enabling vessels to navigate around anchored vessels with confidence and minimizing the risk of accidents in dark or low visibility conditions.

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