Chartplotters are used to display electronic charts, track vessel positions, and provide other essential navigational data. They combine a GPS receiver with a display screen, allowing boaters to visualize their position and navigate accurately on the water.

Chartplotters typically use electronic charts, which are digital representations of nautical charts. These charts contain detailed information about water depths, shorelines, navigational aids, hazards, and other features necessary for safe navigation. The chartplotter's display shows the vessel's position on the electronic chart, helping the boater understand their surroundings and plan their course.

In addition to displaying the vessel's position, chartplotters provide various navigation functions and data, such as:

Boaters can mark specific locations on the chart, such as harbours, marinas, or points of interest, as waypoints. These waypoints can be saved and used for navigation or route planning.

Chartplotters allow users to create and store routes by connecting multiple waypoints. Boaters can plan their desired course by defining the order in which the waypoints should be visited.

Course over Ground (COG) and Speed over Ground (SOG):
Chartplotters provide real-time information about the vessel's course and speed over the ground, which helps boaters assess their progress and adjust their navigation accordingly.

Depth and Sonar:
Many chartplotters are equipped with sonar capabilities, including depth sounders and fishfinders. They can display water depth information and detect underwater structures, fish, or other objects using sonar technology.

Radar Integration:
Advanced chartplotters can integrate with boat radar systems, providing boaters with a visual representation of nearby vessels, land masses, and other objects, even in low visibility conditions.

AIS Integration:
Automatic Identification System (AIS) integration allows chartplotters to receive and display information from AIS transponders on nearby vessels, providing additional awareness of vessel traffic.

Modern chartplotters often feature touchscreen interfaces, making them intuitive and easy to use. Some chartplotters can also be connected to other marine electronics, such as autopilot systems, weather receivers, and marine audio systems, enhancing their functionality and integration within the vessel's overall navigation and communication setup.

Overall, chartplotters are valuable tools for boaters, providing real-time navigation data and enhancing situational awareness on the water, thereby contributing to safe and efficient voyages.

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