Trolling Motors

Trolling Motors

A trolling motor is an electric motor designed to provide precise and controlled movement for small boats and inflatable dinghies, particularly fishing boats, in calm waters. They are typically mounted on the bow or stern of the boat and are used to maintain a slow and steady pace while fishing, which is why they are called "trolling" motors.

Trolling motors are designed to be quiet and efficient, which is important when fishing in calm waters where noise and disturbance can spook fish. They are powered by batteries, which can be recharged between uses. Trolling motors come in various sizes and power levels, depending on the size of the boat and the amount of weight it needs to move. They can be controlled using a foot pedal, hand control, or remote control, and some models even come with GPS and other advanced features for navigation and positioning.

There are two main types of trolling motors: bow-mounted and transom-mounted. Bow-mounted trolling motors are mounted on the front of the boat and provide greater manoeuvrability and control, while transom-mounted trolling motors are mounted on the back of the boat and provide better stability and balance.

Trolling motors are essential equipment for many anglers, particularly those who fish in freshwater lakes and rivers, where a quiet and precise approach is necessary to catch fish. They are also used by recreational boaters and kayakers who want to explore and navigate calm waters without disturbing the environment or wildlife.

Minn Kota Trolling Motors

Minn Kota trolling motors are our most popular brand of trolling motor, owing to their reliability and durability. Models such as the Riptide Transom Trolling Motor features technology such as a digital maximiser that provides up to five times longer run time on a single battery. We also stock an excellent range of trolling motor accessories for your Minn Kota trolling motor.

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