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Inflatable Dinghies

Inflatable dinghies (also known as inflatable boats or inflatable tenders), are versatile watercraft that offer numerous advantages for boating, fishing, and recreational activities. These boats are constructed using durable materials such as PVC or Hypalon, and they feature inflatable chambers that provide buoyancy and stability on the water.

One of the key benefits of inflatable dinghies is their portability and easy storage. When deflated, they can be conveniently rolled up or folded into compact sizes, making them ideal for transportation and storage in small spaces. Some dinghies, such as Seago Go Lite 230 2.3m Inflatable Dinghy also come with a carry bag backpack to make this even easier. As dinghies are lightweight, they can be easily carried, launched, and retrieved from various locations, including beaches, docks, or larger boats.

Inflatable dinghies are available in various sizes and designs, ranging from small one-person models to larger boats capable of accommodating around four passengers. These inflatable tenders are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of activities. They serve as excellent tenders for larger boats, allowing easy transportation between the main vessel and shore. Inflatable dinghies are also popular among anglers, providing a stable platform for fishing in lakes, rivers, etc. Additionally, they are perfect for leisurely cruises, water sports, or simply exploring secluded coves and waterways.

Safety is a crucial consideration when it comes to inflatable dinghies. Most models are designed with multiple air chambers, which means that even if one chamber gets punctured, the boat remains afloat. Inflatable dinghies often feature durable and reinforced materials to resist abrasion and impact. They also come with reliable valves for easy inflation and deflation.

With their versatility, durability, and ease of use, inflatable dinghies have become popular among water enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you're an avid boater, angler, or simply seeking leisurely water adventures, these dinghy boats provide a convenient and enjoyable way to explore the water while offering portability and practicality that traditional boats may not provide.

Stuck for choice? Check out our Inflatable Dinghy Guide - this breaks down all of our most frequently asked questions regarding inflatable dinghies; from size to material, to floor type and beyond.

Why Choose Pirates Cave Chandlery? 

Pirates Cave Chandlery are dedicated marine specialists, providing quality marine equipment for over 25 years. We also have one of the largest brick and mortar chandleries in the UK, so we’re not just online - come visit us in store today!

Our superb range of inflatable dinghies are hand-chosen because of their build quality and exceptional performance - which is why they're only sourced from leading brands including Seago, 3D Tender and Talamex.

Why not combine your dinghy with an Outboard Motor? Mariner Outboards are the engine of choice for the RNLI thanks to their outstanding efficiency, reliability and performance; and we also stock an excellent offering of Electric Outboard Motors from leading brands including ePropulsion and Torqeedo! We also stock all the dinghy accessories you could possibly require - whether that be a pair of inflatable dinghy wheels, an inflatable boat repair kit should the worst happen, or a 12V inflatable boat pump.

Our customer support team all have extensive marine backgrounds and love sharing their knowledge. You can expect great advice when it comes to deciding on the most appropriate product for you, so if you’re not sure about which inflatable dinghy is most suitable - just ask us, we’re happy to help! Either get in touch with us via email, or give us a call on 01634 295 233, and one of our lovely team will be more than happy to help.

If you're looking for another exciting way to maximise your time spent out on the water, why not check out our great range of towable water toys? The inflatables have a high quality, contemporary design and offer endless hours of entertainment on the water. We also stock a superb range of paddle boards and inflatable catamarans.

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