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Wetsuits For Women

Women's wetsuits are an essential item of sailing clothing for female watersports enthusiasts, offering a fine blend of functionality and style. These specialized wetsuits are crafted with the female body in mind, providing a comfortable fit. Women's wetsuits are typically made from neoprene, a flexible and insulating material that keeps the wearer warm in colder water conditions. The neoprene construction ensures that the wetsuit moulds to the curves and contours of a woman's body, allowing for unrestricted movement during various aquatic activities.

Women's wetsuits offer a wide variety to suit different preferences and needs. Full-length wetsuits provide comprehensive coverage, ideal for protecting the entire body in colder waters or during winter months. For warmer climates or when enhanced mobility is desired, shorty suits with short arms and legs are popular choices.

In addition, women's wetsuits also incorporate functional features to ensure the best possible experience during water activities. Special attention is given to the shaping and placement of seams to prevent chafing and discomfort. Some wetsuits feature added reinforcement in areas prone to wear and tear, such as the knees and chest, enhancing durability and extending the life of the garment.

The fit of a ladies wetsuit is paramount for comfort and performance. There are a wide range of sizes to accommodate different body types, and many wetsuits have adjustable features like zippers, Velcro closures, or cinches to fine-tune the fit. A well-fitted wetsuit provides optimal insulation by minimizing water entry and ensuring that the neoprene material efficiently traps and retains body heat.

Why shop with Pirates Cave Chandlery?

Founded in 1991, we're Kent's largest chandlery with two stores - a 6,000+ square ft Rochester store which is one of the largest in the UK, plus an additional outlet store located within Gillingham Marina. In both stores you'll find a leading range of sailing clothing; whether that be sailing jackets, sailing trousers, sailing shorts or even sailing accessories such as sailing gloves and sailing caps.

Women's wetsuits combine functionality, fashion, and comfort to cater specifically to the needs of female water sports enthusiasts. Whether surfing, diving, snorkelling, or engaging in any other water-based activities, women can find a wetsuit that keeps them warm and protected.

If you're unsure which ladies wetsuit is most suitable for your requirements, whether that be a Gill wetsuit, Typhoon wetsuit or any other brand for that matter - do not hesitate to contact us. Reach out to our team on 01634 295 233, email [email protected], or visit our Rochester store, one of the largest chandlery stores in the UK!

We also supply men's wetsuits and junior wetsuits too.



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