Raymarine Autopilot

Raymarine Autopilots

Raymarine Raymarine EV-100 Wheel Pilot

Raymarine EV-100 Wheel Pilot

£1,495.00 £1,349.95
Raymarine Raymarine EV-100 Tiller Pilot

Raymarine EV-100 Tiller Pilot

£1,795.00 £1,579.95
Raymarine Raymarine EV-200 Power Pilot

Raymarine EV-200 Power Pilot

£2,295.00 £2,059.95
Raymarine Raymarine EV-100 Power Pilot

Raymarine EV-100 Power Pilot

£1,495.00 £1,319.95
Raymarine Raymarine EV-150 Power Pilot

Raymarine EV-150 Power Pilot

£1,695.00 £1,495.00
Raymarine Raymarine EV-200 Sail Pilot

Raymarine EV-200 Sail Pilot

£3,295.00 £2,899.95
Raymarine Raymarine EV-400 Power Pilot

Raymarine EV-400 Power Pilot

£2,995.00 £2,749.95
Raymarine Raymarine EV-400 Sail Pilot

Raymarine EV-400 Sail Pilot

£2,965.00 £2,649.95

Raymarine Autopilots

Raymarine have over 40 years of autopilot expertise, making them a market-leader when it comes to the marine navigation tools. Raymarine autopilots are known for their advanced features, reliability, and integration capabilities. 

Here are some key aspects of Raymarine autopilots:

Autopilot Control Algorithms:
Raymarine autopilots employ sophisticated control algorithms to provide accurate and smooth steering control. The algorithms take into account various factors such as vessel speed, sea conditions, wind, and tidal information to optimize steering performance and minimize course deviations.

Autotack and Gyro-Stabilized Mode:
Raymarine autopilots often include advanced features like Autotack and Gyro-Stabilized Mode. Autotack automatically executes a tack manoeuvre by steering the boat through a predetermined angle, which is especially useful for sailboats. Gyro-Stabilized Mode utilizes an optional gyroscopic sensor to improve stability and reduce the effects of vessel motion on autopilot performance.

Control Units:
Raymarine autopilot systems feature control units that provide the interface between the operator and the autopilot system. The control units typically have a display panel where the user can input commands, configure settings, and monitor the autopilot's status. Raymarine offers various control unit options, including full-sized displays, compact displays, and wireless remote controls.

Drive Units:
Raymarine autopilots support different types of drive units to interface with the boat's steering system. These include hydraulic drives, mechanical drives, and electric drives. Raymarine offer a range of drive units to suit different boat sizes and steering configurations.

Evolution Autopilot Technology:
Raymarine's Evolution autopilot technology is a significant advancement in autopilot systems. It utilizes a combination of solid-state sensors, adaptive software, and a 9-axis sensor core to deliver precise and responsive control. The Evolution autopilots are known for their ability to adapt to changing sea conditions and vessel dynamics, resulting in optimal performance.

Integration with Navigation Systems:
Raymarine autopilots are designed to seamlessly integrate with other Raymarine navigation systems and instruments, such as chartplotters, multifunction displays (MFDs), radar, and sonar. This integration allows for enhanced functionality, such as waypoint navigation, route following, and collision avoidance.

SeaTalkNG/NMEA 2000 Connectivity:
Raymarine autopilots are compatible with the SeaTalkNG network (Raymarine's proprietary network) and NMEA 2000 standard. This allows for easy integration with other onboard electronics and enables data sharing between different systems.

Virtual Rudder Feedback (VRM):
Raymarine's Virtual Rudder Feedback technology eliminates the need for installing a physical rudder feedback sensor, which simplifies installation and reduces maintenance. VRM calculates the boat's rudder position based on the autopilot's steering commands and the vessel's response, resulting in precise steering control.

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