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An essential peice of equipment on any boat, fenders prevent damage to your boat caused by contact with docks, walls and even other boats. We've sold fenders for over 25 years, constantly refining our range to ensure we only sell the best boat fenders available so your boat is as well protected as possible.

Our most popular choice of fenders are Seago's Majoni Fenders. Majoni Fenders are rotation moulded and constructed from a strong and UV resistant PVC material that is of the finest quality. With prices starting from just £9.99, they're in-expensive too.

An essential piece of equipment to protect your vessel, boat fenders can prevent damage being caused to the outside shell and more importantly, the hull. A weakened or damaged boat can be an expensive annoyance to fix and in some situations can even be dangerous if vital parts are impacted. 

A fender on a boat can prevent damage being caused to the outside shell and more importantly, the hull. A weakened or damaged boat can be an expensive annoyance to fix and in some situations can even be dangerous if vital parts are impacted. 

Marine Fenders UK

At Pirates Cave we take your safety seriously, which is why we stock a great range of protective gear and boating accessories to keep you and your boat protected while both ashore and on the water. Our boat fenders for sale come in all shapes and sizes, with different uses, including: 

Bow - Perfect for protecting one of the most valuable areas of the boat, bow fenders are commonly used in recreational centers and sailing schools. 

Buoy - Buoy fenders are a fantastic option due to their durability and ability to withstand extreme pressures. As they take up more space than the standard boat fender, they are ideal for larger boats or ships. 

Corner - Our corner boat fenders come as a sealed unit and cannot be re-inflated. They can be attached easily to the exposed corners of your boat.

Cylindrical -  One of the most common types of boat fenders, cylindrical fenders offer an economical solution to protect your vessel from abrasion and other impacts.

Dock Fenders and Dock Wheels - To be fitted into any docking corner in order to protect the hull of the vessel, the dock wheel fender can roll the boat along the wheel to prevent any actual impact on the surface

Fender Step - This versatile type of boat fender is easily installable and can be used as a step to enter or exit the boat whilst protecting the vessel from impact. The fender step is ideal if you have limited space to work with, particularly for smaller boats like dinghies. 

Fender Ladder - Similarly to the fender step, our fender ladder products are designed with versatility in mind. Available in 2, 3 and 4 step options, you can install them easily to aid boarding whilst protecting your boat. 

Fender Ropes - Fender ropes are used to securely attach the boat fender onto the area you wish. They are easy to use and come pre-spliced, with a soft eye for convenience. Our fender ropes also are available in different lengths and widths. 

Fender Socks - These are protective covers you can add to your marine fenders. Our fender socks come fully adjustable and in several colours. 

Narrowboat Fenders - Narrowboat fenders are specifically designed for use by boats that travel through tight spaces such as canals. This type of fender still provides reinforced protection, but is not as heavy or large as some standard marine fender models. 

Polyform - Designed with cutting edge technology, polyform boat fenders are heavy duty and are perfect for use in extreme temperatures. This is due to their high abrasion resistance and energy absorption properties. 

We  ensure that all of our boat fenders for sale are from premier specialist brands, including Seago Majoni, Anchor Marine and Dan-Fender. Our brands are renowned for meeting the highest safety standards and performing exceptionally in all weather conditions. They’re also quality assured and oftentimes award winning!

If you are looking for a new set of boat fenders, there are some important factors to consider. Each boat bumper is unique and may not be ideal for your boat as our company aims to cater for every floating vessel from the smallest dinghy to large yachts. Please be sure to take a look at each product specification carefully in order to ensure that you are buying a boat fender that will fit your vessel perfectly.

Additionally, we also offer a selection of other anchor and mooring equipment, such as anchor windlasses, boat hooks, mooring compensators and anchors

Why Choose Pirates Cave Chandlery?

Pirates Cave Chandlery are leading experts in anchor and mooring equipment, having successfully provided specialist marine supplies for over 25 years. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced sailor, we guarantee that we have the right stock for you. 

We’re not just online either. We have one of the largest brick & mortar chandleries in the UK - so why not come and visit our store today?

Our dedicated customer support team are specialists in marine equipment, so feel free to contact us for unbiased advice. We also want to make sure that you feel comfortable with any purchases you make, which is why we only suggest products we would use ourselves. 

For further information on our boat fenders for sale, why not give us a call on 01634 295 233.

Our high level of service is maintained all the way through to the point of delivery, with every order shipped with our quick and fully-tracked courier service, offering prompt delivery and the ability to see where your parcel is at every point of the journey.

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