Fuel Set Concentrated Fuel Conditioner 500ml
Fuel Set Concentrated Fuel Conditioner 500ml

Fuel Set Concentrated Fuel Conditioner 500ml

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Product Description

Blocked filters, stuck injectors, internal corrosion, reduced horsepower and even engine failure can be caused by a microscopic fungus, Cladisporium Resinae, that is present to varying extents in all fuel oil. This fungus commonly known as the 'bug', thrives in fuel storage tanks, using the hydrocarbons in the fuel as a food source and dissolved oxygen in any water for respiration.

The air space above the fuel in a storage tank contains water vapour, which condenses on the surfaces of the cool walls and subsequently sinks to the bottom of the tank where it collects. The fuel/water interface contains both hydrocarbons and dissolved oxygen which provides the ideal environment for the 'bug', with each fungal cell dividing every twenty minutes. As the older fungi die their bodies accumulate, forming a slime that ultimately floats upwards into the fuel. From here the sludge is drawn into the engine, quickly clogging filters and narrowing fuel lines. But the damage does not stop there. A portion of the sludge adheres to the inner wall of the tank and fuel lines, producing corrosive Hydrogen Sulphide that causes metal defects and pitting to the injectors and fuel related components.

Biocidal treatment will kill any bacterial growth but creates a sudden mass of dead cells, which only adds to the problem. Also, biocides are generally poisonous and have to be handled with great care. On a more important note, they do not remove the water.

Fuel Set FCC is the solution to this problem. When added to your fuel, this conditioner totally absorbs the water from the fuel system, thereby removing the environment where the bug lives. Any fungi present not only suffocate and die but are dissolved in the treated fuel, passing through the filters to be burned off harmlessly. The 'bug' cannot re-infest when Fuel Set FCC is present in your fuel.

The complete fuel conditioner provides comprehensive protection of the fuel system, which in turn reduces running and maintenance costs. The non-hydrocarbon, non-toxic, non-flammable formula absorbs the water present in fuel, enabling it to pass through the combustion process in a pure combustible state. No more rough spots or misfiring.

Fuel Set FCC also dissolves sticky contaminants (waxes, gums and varnishes) from injectors and carburettors and helps remove carbon deposits. This keeps the fuel system operating at peak efficiency, resulting in cleaner exhaust emissions, improved fuel economies and smoother running.

Fuel Set does not resort to highly-toxic biocides. The detergent nature of Fuel Set helps disperse clumps of dead bug, significantly reducing clean-up time in the aftermath of fungal infestation. Regular dosing protects against this costly and annoying problem.

Water also reacts with chemicals in fuel at the point of combustion, which causes gums, resins and contaminants to separate and foul fuel systems, especially injectors. Absorbing the water into the fuel/Fuel Set mixture allows any water to be burnt off harmlessly into the atmosphere.

Key Features:

Cleans injectors and jets - removes gums, waxes, resins and acids from fuel systems.
Completely harmless and environmentally responsible.
Dilutes with fuel at a very economical 4000:1 ratio (500ml treats 2000L).
Eradicates the diesel bug Cladisporium Resinae.
Extends filter life. Reduces expensive maintenance and downtime.
Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-biocide, non-corrosive, biodegradable and pH neutral.
Prolongs the life of catalytic converters and stops the smell.
Reduces harmful exhaust emissions and black smoke.
Removes carbon build-up from combustion chambers, exhaust ports and turbines.
Restores lost fuel economy and improves performance.
Suitable for all internal combustion engines - cars, coach and bus, road haulage, marine, agricultural etc.
Treats all fuels: diesel, petrol, two-stroke, gas oil and heating oil.
Totally removes water from fuel systems.

Fuel Set prolongs the fuel filter life and maintains fuel in the best possible condition. Water can seriously degrade certain types of fuel filters.

Engine parts, fuel pumps, injectors and jets - operate within fine tolerances. It is easy to understand how contaminants cause power loss, increased fuel consumption, higher exhaust emissions and general deterioration of fuel systems and engines.

Carbon/Sump Oil:
Fuel Set improves the efficiency of lubrication oils by removing and preventing carbon deposits from combustion chambers, exhaust ports/passages and turbines. Uncontaminated lubricating oil promotes extended engine life. Fuel Set is effective in removing contaminants such as waxes, gums and carbon, resulting in smoother running, more complete combustion and much improved fuel efficiency.


When used in an economical 4000:1 mix ratio, Fuel Set will maintain clean and sterile conditions throughout the fuel system.


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Fuel Set Concentrated Fuel Conditioner 500ml

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