Nauticalia Fitzroy Tarnish-free QuickFix Chrome Tide Clock

Nauticalia Fitzroy Tarnish-free QuickFix Chrome Tide Clock

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Product Description

A tarnish free chrome plated tide clock that has been coated with a newly developed protective coating that uses advanced surface treatment technology. This coating is far superior to lacquers and varnishes, and can withstand more than 720 hours (the longest test period for this process) under Neutral Sea Salt laboratory testing. The instrument will resist tarnishing even when exposed to the harshest marine environments for extended periods. 

Tide Clocks feature an additional hand that takes around 12 hours and 25 minutes to go 'round the clock'. Because the lunar cycle varies in length day by day, but is a constant cycle of 28 days days, there may be times when the tide indicator varies by a few minutes ahead or behind the actual tides.

QuickFix System:

Nauticalia's Fitzroy Tide Clock can be locked hard to a bulkhead or wall but removed in seconds by hand thanks to the unique QuickFix system. The tide clock is supplied with a case plate which is screwed to the wall or bulkhead. (The instructions and drill hole template are included).

The instrument then simply slots over the base plate and with a gentle twist, is locked on. A reverse twist removes it again. This makes changing batteries easy, removal for storage easy, and avoids the tricky task of not scratching your polished case when screwing the instrument to the wall.

In underwater tests, clocks fitted with the QuickFix waterproof system worked continuously at a depth of 300mm for more than 3 months.

Quartz Movement:

The clipper clock contains Quartz crystals that possess the remarkable property of oscillating at a regular and predictable frequency when subjected to an electrical current. The first Quartz clocks were launched back in the late 1920's and went on to supersede mechanical movements thanks to their accuracy and reduced need for maintenance.


Overall Case Diameter: 5.5"
Internal Face: 3.75"
External Face: 4.5"
Depth: 2.5"
Quartz clock movements use one AA battery.


Nauticalia Fitzroy Tarnish-free QuickFix Chrome Tide Clock

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A chrome plated tide clock with a highly durable protective coating that will withstand the harshest..



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