Kayak Buoyancy Aids

What is the difference between buoyancy aids and life jackets?

Do I Need A Buoyancy Aid Or A Life Jacket?

Kayak Buoyancy Aid 

Kayaking and canoeing are amongst the most popular water activities, and if you enjoy participating in such activities it is essential that you remain protected. 

Kayak buoyancy aids are designed for high agility watersports and can be worn comfortably in all weather conditions. Manufactured from lightweight foam, you can guarantee that your performance will not be impaired whilst following kayaking safety guidelines. 

Please note that kayak buoyancy aids are not to be confused with life jackets. While life jackets are worn by people who are unable to swim at all, buoyancy aids can keep you afloat whilst still allowing a full range of movement. This makes the product ideal for both slow water and fast water kayaking where swimming may be necessary in case of capsize. 

Kayak Buoyancy Aids UK

Pirates Cave Chandlery have some of the best buoyancy aids for kayaking available online, sourced from leading manufacturers including Crewsaver, Besto and Spinlock. Our entire range is 50N, a measurement unit that signifies how buoyant the product is. 

50N kayak buoyancy aids are some of the least buoyant amongst life jackets and aids, making them ideal for good swimmers in sheltered waters with assistance nearby. Please be aware that there can be exceptions to this rule depending on the age and experience level of the participant. If you will be paddling in deeper waters, you may want to consider a different type of buoyancy aid or life jacket that can support you if help is not readily available.

Why Choose Pirates Cave Chandlery? 

Pirates Cave Chandlery are leading experts in marine equipment, which makes us the perfect retailer to purchase your kayak buoyancy aid from. As suppliers of specialist products to customers all over the UK, we have extensive experience that spans over 25 years, both online and in store. 

We pride ourselves in helping every customer with their queries, big or small. Whether you want to know more about the best kayak buoyancy aid or what whitewater buoyancy aids are, our customer service team is on hand to answer your questions. You can either contact us online or call us on 01634 295 233 for more information on our product range. 

We’re not just online either. Pirates Cave Chandlery have one of the largest brick and mortar chandleries in the UK - so why not come and visit our store? If you ordered your kayak buoyancy aid online, we also guarantee speedy delivery with a fully tracked courier service. 

Not looking for kayak buoyancy aids? We have a great range of buoyancy aids for other activities, including for use while paddle boarding or while sailing.



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